Thank God for the side streets Exhaling fog this time of year Letting me step off the boulevard And giving me a place to drown My memories of Adelina. This landscape is like a video game I interact with it Pull mysteries from it Like silver fish from the blue sea. Beneath each tile, each… More Adelina


I miss carbohydrates I miss the conviction That rotten floorboards beneath my feet Will give in at some later date When I’ve moved on to greater things That are owed to me by fate. I miss kissing him Outside that restaurant (See how I’m not addressing him? It must prove that I am repentant). I… More Complaints

Temporary shelters

The snow falls silently on the graves of the people I love On the graves of the people I would have loved If given half a chance The sky above my house is made of remembrances of raven wings And amethyst The pear trees my dead grandfather planted Offer their bark up to be kissed.… More Temporary shelters