Sometimes the news is so embarrassing that you hardly want to acknowledge it.

Although this should be acknowledged, because it’s a nice example of how totalitarianism works in Russia. With standards of life low, it’s easy to convince people to turn into a herd of bloodthirsty baboons. The baboons have to take their anger out on someone, right? And as long as its not on the government or the church (or, rather, that indistinguishable mess of government/church), things should be peachy. Standards of life need not go up, corruption need not diminish, and those Swiss bank accounts can keep getting more and more bloated.

2 thoughts on “Гниды

  1. Dear natalia. I saw on the news that there was going to be a gay rights march in Russia, and I wondered what (if anything) would happen. I guess this is the answer – sad.

    On a totally trivial note (sorry), I thought the girls from t.A.T.u. acknowledged years ago their lesbian act was just for show? Or maybe not.

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