Fairy Stories

These are the fairy stories. No, they don’t necessarily comply with Tolkien’s description. No, they are not necessarily final drafts. Yes, I am a bit of a dork.

The Inheritance

The Grandmother

The Goat In Love

Blood on the Snow

The Blunt Mirror

The demon and the burnt king

A half-hearted Apocalypse of sorts

The American House

Bug, tooth, moon

Thing, a short biography

6 thoughts on “Fairy Stories

  1. The detail about the general not noticing details that weren’t of tactical importance blew me away — as did the way the mirror at the opening with the hare — reflects into the story’s opening at the end.

    Moved me to tears.

    Some lines by GOdard, I think or maybe he’s quoting: We disappear into the world like shadows in a mirror, while centuries gather at the horizon like strange storms.

    Rilke’s sonnets to Orpheus too

    But the story’s completely your own in your singular voice. You inspired me. Thank you.

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