Strange Stories

“It’s not like my life is a referendum on which men want me and which do not. It revolves around empty spaces instead. Around absences. And sure enough, when you’re young, you think men will take care of that for you. “What are men good for besides filling holes?” – an old joke of my mother’s. She’d say it to her friends and think I couldn’t understand.”

Dress Like Water

Slipstream fiction:
Matilda’s New Digs: An October Ghost Story

The Fox Head Barks Facing Seaward

The Girl Who Went for a Ride: a tale of horror (maybe)

Thing, a short biography

The American House

A half-hearted Apocalypse of sorts

Flash fiction:
Bug, tooth, moon

The demon and the burnt king

Fairy stories:
The Inheritance

The Grandmother

The Goat In Love

Blood on the Snow

The Blunt Mirror

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No guilt-trip, just good times

Banner image by Ukrainian artist and concert organizer Sasha Andrusyk.

10 thoughts on “Strange Stories

  1. The detail about the general not noticing details that weren’t of tactical importance blew me away — as did the way the mirror at the opening with the hare — reflects into the story’s opening at the end.

    Moved me to tears.

    Some lines by GOdard, I think or maybe he’s quoting: We disappear into the world like shadows in a mirror, while centuries gather at the horizon like strange storms.

    Rilke’s sonnets to Orpheus too

    But the story’s completely your own in your singular voice. You inspired me. Thank you.

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