Katya Chilly

… Is a bit of a witch. And the latest album, Ya Molodaya, is magically good: a mixture of synthetic and organic materials that sinks its polished little claws inside your head and tortures you with its strange beauty.

You listen to her as you’re barreling down the dark streets of Kiev: Protasiv Yar down and down, turning left somewhere in the neighbourhood of Palats’ Ukraiina metro station, upward toward Leo Tolstoy Square. You see the lights of the city, the way civilization shivers like a sleepy child atop the bloody altar of time. This is how Ukraine makes me feel: the present day is like a fragile skin. Katya Chilly’s voice channels the heartbeat of memory pulsing underneath.

Ukrainian folk music, I think, is a bridge between the living and the dead. I see my cousin on the other side sometimes. It’s weird – the way she still alive for me in music, the way music, particularly Katya’s music, resurrects her. Or maybe not so weird – she was a musician too, after all.

Oh, and here’s a lovely video of the title song from the new album, as presented by M1, the music channel:

3 thoughts on “Katya Chilly

  1. I heard her today for the very first time, and my jaw just hit the floor. Her voice, the music, is just incredible–I can’t believe I don’t find more on her on the internet! I hope the radius of her star’s brilliance increases, so the world might see….and hear. Hers is some truly beautiful, otherwordly music. One of my favorite finds in a long time.

  2. 2 February 2021 Fourteen years later, I am thinking the same. She seems to not so much sing as chant incantations. She might have abandoned singing for shamanic action.

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