Zombies, Goethe, peen. Also, Moscow.

I have reviewed Alexander Sokurov’s “Faust” for The Moscow News, as promised. For a person who mostly stumbles around groggily in between caffeine sessions, I’ve had a very productive week. Hell, I even saw Putin. Though perhaps the best sight wasn’t Putin: it was journalist and author Anna Arutunyan, being lifted by a huge, factoryContinue reading “Zombies, Goethe, peen. Also, Moscow.”

Let’s talk about “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

So I finally saw this movie as part of the opening of the 2morrow festival here in Moscow. You might say that as the parents of a little boy, Alexey and I probably should not have seen something like this, particularly on the day that Lyovka turned 3 months old (3 months! Amazing! An entireContinue reading “Let’s talk about “We Need to Talk About Kevin””

Another still from “Katya, Vitya, Dima”

This is one of those movies that has seriously reminded me of my age. Not necessarily in a bad way. I suppose it’s natural for Alexey to shoot a film that’s mostly about kids – now that we have our own kid. And I’m glad I’ve been involved in this project from the start. BeingContinue reading “Another still from “Katya, Vitya, Dima””

A still from Alexey Zhiryakov’s “Katya, Vitya, Dima”

“Katya, Vitya, Dima” is the English title. The working title in Russian is “Дом у дороги.” A good wife must promote her husband’s work at every opportunity – which is working against me at the moment, because anything I might say may be suspect. “Oh, of course she would say that.” It’s a shame, becauseContinue reading “A still from Alexey Zhiryakov’s “Katya, Vitya, Dima””