They way journalism should always be*

Here we have Spain’s captain, Iker Casillas, kissing his reporter girlfriend. You know, when Spain was stunned by Switzerland, a bunch of fans tried to blame HER for the loss, because she was in South Africa, reporting on the World Cup, and apparently her feminine wiles “distracted” Casillas into letting Spain score, right right right.Continue reading “They way journalism should always be*”

The mandatory feel-good animated gifs post

Because I’ve been in trouble as of late – for serious this time – I thought I’d put together this post, both for myself and for anyone who has wandered by this blog in search of some sort of comfort (I have no idea why you’d look for it here, but it’s true that weContinue reading “The mandatory feel-good animated gifs post”

An enchanting little portrait of my perfect mate

I read this post by Jill at Feministe, and realized that – holy complacency levels, Batman – I do not have a ready composite of traits I love to whip out at this precise occasion, and haven’t had one for a while. Is there something wrong with me? Am I not in charge of myContinue reading “An enchanting little portrait of my perfect mate”

Spring in Moscow: Eric Northman’ll show you how it’s done

“Yes, it’s spring alright,” said the babushka selling flowers by the metro entrance today, casting a sly eye in my direction. Lady, I couldn’t agree more. And if I had any cash left in my pocket, I would have bought all your flowers off of you, and brought them home, stuck them in a vase,Continue reading “Spring in Moscow: Eric Northman’ll show you how it’s done”