LOST Season 6 quotes on my Facebook

For some reason, I started this tradition of updating the seemingly pointless profile box below my Facebook picture with my favourite quote from the latest LOST episode I had watched this season, and then taking a screenshot and filing it away in a separate folder. I figured out halfway through that this was some sortContinue reading “LOST Season 6 quotes on my Facebook”

The mandatory feel-good animated gifs post

Because I’ve been in trouble as of late – for serious this time – I thought I’d put together this post, both for myself and for anyone who has wandered by this blog in search of some sort of comfort (I have no idea why you’d look for it here, but it’s true that weContinue reading “The mandatory feel-good animated gifs post”

LOST: though mixed with God and Nature thou ;)

So here’s a coincidence – LOST ran for 6 years, just the amount of time that I had wound up spending with the person I loved and, in a way, will always love. For most of the time I watched the show, I was pretty much sharing it – just like sketchy water in aContinue reading “LOST: though mixed with God and Nature thou ;)”

LOST: “Jears. Jears on the side of my face.”

I want to say that I haven’t been writing about “Lost” because I haven’t had the time, but if I’m honest with myself and with you, I’ll have to say that I haven’t been writing about “Lost” because it’s like a love affair coming to an end, like something out of Graham Greene, the sortContinue reading “LOST: “Jears. Jears on the side of my face.””