LOST Season 6 quotes on my Facebook

For some reason, I started this tradition of updating the seemingly pointless profile box below my Facebook picture with my favourite quote from the latest LOST episode I had watched this season, and then taking a screenshot and filing it away in a separate folder. I figured out halfway through that this was some sort of complex mourning ritual that I was engaged in. Oh, and that I am one of those people who spends whatever time she has on her hands in increasingly peculiar ways.

Either way, enjoy:

… You know, now that I’ve just taken a look at all these – I’ve realized how much there’s still to think about, as far as the whole series is concerned.

Well, crap.

2 thoughts on “LOST Season 6 quotes on my Facebook

  1. I hear you. I have yet to get over my anger that the whole sideways thing was a mirage. I so desperately wanted them to give Locke a better ending and the sideways made me believe that there was a world in which he found some contentment. It was just so sad to think that his last few minutes were with Ben and I don’t care that Ben apologized for murdering him.

  2. That’s a very fair criticism of Locke’s ending, Renee. Locke was always one of my favourite characters, and I do feel like the show has let him down.

    Because I ultimately do not view the sideways world as a mirage – but rather as a concrete, albeit spiritual reality – I had an easier time dealing with how Locke wound up.

    The fact that Ben was not yet ready to move on was also a small consolation – at least he didn’t get a chance to join in on the love-fest as he reflected on his deeds.

    Locke’s physical ending will never cease being heart-breaking for me, though.

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