An Important Event for Feminism: Renegade Evolution & Top Feminist Blogs

So this week, something cool happened, and this something cool was the revelation that Renegade Evolution is in the Top 30 Feminist Blogs, according to statistics.

I consider Ren a good friend, so a congratulations of a personal nature is in order. Yay! Squee! And so on.

But what makes this particular inclusion so special – other friends of mine are on the list as well, including the lovely Daisy – is that Ren’s blog is the blog of a sex-worker: sometimes caustic, sometimes scary, often embattled, and always straight-up and honest.

I know that some people reading this right now are going “whatever. You’re just happy that Ren was included because she perpetuates the myth of the Happy Hooker. And that myth allows you to sleep at night. Jerk.”

Of all the people I know, Ren is among those who are least likely to sugarcoat anything. I don’t believe in sugarcoating when it comes to this subject either – especially as it pertains to things like trafficking, et cetera. But I also believe that the real reason why Ren is accused of being a liar and a shill is because one of the main ideas behind her blog is that sex-work first needs to be a choice, and a safe choice at that.

What she doesn’t say is that sex-work everywhere must be wiped out. Neither does she say things like “well, it’s all horrible, but I’m a realist, so let’s make it as safe as we can first and then worry about getting rid of it.” No. She likes her job. And that grates on people in a big way.

Most often, people who attack Ren and her blog point to any number of truly distressing blogs and/or negative accounts of women in sex-work and say: “Do you see? This is the REALITY that Ren is trying to deny.” Or else they say, “Ren’s the minority anyway, why should she count?” Continue reading “An Important Event for Feminism: Renegade Evolution & Top Feminist Blogs”

Speaking of trafficking and sex-work… Look what W is up to!

Some of the outgoing president’s decisions are disturbing to the extreme. Check this out:

…The administration also wants to deny funding to organizations that help victims of sex trafficking if they also advocate legalized consensual prostitution. These and others can be found on’s list of midnight regulations.

Awesome. Once again, slavery and sex-work are being defined as exactly the same thing – an unproductive approach that’s going to make sure that an entire group of people is not going to get help it needs and deserves, because their concerns for having a safe working environment just don’t count.

Just like there are “good rape victims” and “bad rape victims” – there is now a “good trafficking victim” and a “bad trafficking victim.” The bad one was thinking that maybe she can still do sex-work, you know, on her own terms, without having some meat-headed pimp keeping her in a room with bars on the windows. But we can’t have that, can we? Gross, icky, disgusting! Save her from herself!

Sweet Jesus! WHAT ABOUT THE MEN???

I just love it when, in the comments to an essay about a brutally subjugated group, some guy shows up and starts screeching “halp! Halp! I’m being oppressed!” Not only that, but he feels the need to point out that he and those like him are, in fact, being oppressed more. Their oppression is bigger than yours. They’ll totally whip it out and show you.

Yes, evil, Russian W H O R E S are after this man’s livelihood! His very existence! He even has fancy statistics to prove it (he doesn’t cite them, but what can we expect from a terrified victim holed up in a basement somewhere?). They’re about to burst through his front door, devour him alive, and steal his good silver while they’re at it. Anti-trafficking activists need to drop whatever it is we’re doing, and help him out!

I know, I’m crying about the terrible injustice of it all as I type this post. I mean, how could I, when writing an essay such as “Natasha From Russia” forget to mention that the real problem isn’t trafficking and murder and rape, it’s the egos of all those guys who thought that their dollar bills were going to buy them an Angel in the House from an impoverished community, only to have the Angels turn out to be not sufficiently grateful for it all. I need to take that essay offline and done some sackcloth and ashes in the desert for a while. Maybe then I can live with myself.

I have sympathy for anyone whose love life crashes and burns (the key word in all of this is “love”). I have zero sympathy for anyone who never learned the words to the Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” and proceeds to lecture me about the evil nature of women who have used men’s own racist fetishism against them. See, it’s OK for Western men to approach Russian women purely from a mercantile perspective, but when those women adopt the same tactics and beat them at their own game? Boo hoo! Unfair! I have an owwwwwie! You must sit and listen all about my owwwwwie if you’re going to dare to bring up the subject of the trafficking of these women! Having my stupid ass handed to me by someone who turned out to be my equal (equality? The nerve!) is totally more important than someone being anally raped by a bunch of thugs, to be tossed out on the street when she’s past her expiration date! Pay attention to meeeee, I’m in pain here!!!

Anyone who wants to respond to this gentleman directly can do so at the link I provided.