Trafficking: the thing that won’t go away

Please read this New Yorker piece. It’s very informative, and the details it highlights are tragic, heroic, devastating, dirty. You might cry. I kind of did. I’ve read and listened to so many of these stories over the years, but they still make me blubber. One of the things to remember about human trafficking, andContinue reading “Trafficking: the thing that won’t go away”

The latest on trafficking and modern-day slavery in the mainstream media

This article by E. Benjamin Skinner is interesting. It makes a good point – estimates say that 90% of slavery has little or nothing to do with pro[stit]ution. Often, we tend to forget that. When I talk about a distant relative of mine who was trafficked, people automatically assume that the relative is a “she”Continue reading “The latest on trafficking and modern-day slavery in the mainstream media”

You can’t always get what you want

A woman living next door to my aunt here in Kiev was attacked last month. She and her rommate were private masseurs: good-looking, surgically altered, and in the habit of charging large fees, if their rent was any indication. I don’t know if they advertised sex-work – but they have gently implied to my (conservative)Continue reading “You can’t always get what you want”

Michel Friedman = embarrassment to humanity

His story was not covered in American media, but I found a reference to him on the IMDB message boards for Lilya 4-Ever, one of those films about trafficking that makes you want to cut your heart out with a rusty spoon. The German-language Wikipedia article on the jerk is here. The son of HolocaustContinue reading “Michel Friedman = embarrassment to humanity”