Kushchevskaya massacre: why it happened

I’ve avoided this topic in the last few weeks, while the reports of the utter lawlessness and horror out of Kushchevskaya and the surrounding region kept coming. The almost total power of the criminals operating there is startling, the details are like something out of good movie combined with a bad dream: how breaking downContinue reading “Kushchevskaya massacre: why it happened”

Speaking of scourge: the Kushchevskaya massacre

Don’t read this if you don’t think you ought to. In case you haven’t heard about it – and if you’re not in Russia, you probably haven’t – twelve people were massacred in the village of Kushchevskaya on November 4th, during a holiday weekend. Most of the victims, who had gathered to celebrate November 4thContinue reading “Speaking of scourge: the Kushchevskaya massacre”

Steven Hayes: is the “I’m against the death penalty, but…” discussion appropriate here?

I shouldn’t be in any condition to write anything about the Petit family massacre. But I am. I’m working on a new play, a tragedy, and I have found that my mind has begun working in completely new ways. I think about evil – banal evil, sophisticated evil – and I let it in asContinue reading “Steven Hayes: is the “I’m against the death penalty, but…” discussion appropriate here?”

Oscar, Louisa, and More: When the Guns Go Off…

I’m not a PUMA sympathizer, but I think this woman’s rage needs to be heard. Her daughter, Louisa, was shot by her other daughter’s ex. She is in a coma and not expected to make it. Her other daughter is battling cancer. In 2009, it looks like this woman, Betty Jean, may lose two daughters.Continue reading “Oscar, Louisa, and More: When the Guns Go Off…”

The Mumbai Murderers

I’m not a fan of mosque-culture by a long shot (neither am I fan of church-culture, and I’m a Christian too, so go ahead and save your “OMIGOD INTOLERANCE” rants for another day, peoples), but I was somewhat encouraged by Friday prayers today. We live fairly close to a mosque, and today in particular youContinue reading “The Mumbai Murderers”