I was raped a few years ago

I was raped a few years ago. I had liked and trusted the guy. It had started out as a completely consensual encounter. But at some point, after he had me alone, he began to hurt me. When I asked him to stop, he continued. He got off on my pain and terror. He wasContinue reading “I was raped a few years ago”

Things that I can’t write about right now

I didn’t notice how I started crying. I had been cutting down a story about deaths in a Russian orphanage specifically designed for the children of female inmates – children born in captivity, like tiger cubs in a zoo (though tiger cubs generally get better treatment). Space on the page was limited, 300 words orContinue reading “Things that I can’t write about right now”

George Tiller Murdered in Wichita

Oh yes, the pro-life crowd sure loves life. And they love irony so much they even killed the doctor as he was going to church. WHEN are we going to start recognizing this brand of pro-forced-pregnancy fanaticism as DOMESTIC TERRORISM? Because this is exactly what it is – and this tragedy in Kansas was waitingContinue reading “George Tiller Murdered in Wichita”

Speaking of Violence & Jordan

This is a piece by a young American woman who came to Jordan to study abroad and found herself in a horrific situation one day. Katherine’s story, and how she dealt with what happened to her, makes for fascinating reading. Please note that there is a huge, neon TRIGGER WARNING on this one.

Oscar, Louisa, and More: When the Guns Go Off…

I’m not a PUMA sympathizer, but I think this woman’s rage needs to be heard. Her daughter, Louisa, was shot by her other daughter’s ex. She is in a coma and not expected to make it. Her other daughter is battling cancer. In 2009, it looks like this woman, Betty Jean, may lose two daughters.Continue reading “Oscar, Louisa, and More: When the Guns Go Off…”