I’m a Rape Survivor With #MeToo Fatigue: Here’s Why

I have a confession to make: I’m sick of #MeToo. Whenever I see the hashtag, I feel dread. I lived through rape, abuse, and torture, so this is, in one sense, a personal reaction — reminders of familiar traumas make me hurt. That’s on me. No one else is responsible for my mental health. ButContinue reading “I’m a Rape Survivor With #MeToo Fatigue: Here’s Why”

I was raped a few years ago

I was raped a few years ago. I had liked and trusted the guy. It had started out as a completely consensual encounter. But at some point, after he had me alone, he began to hurt me. When I asked him to stop, he continued. He got off on my pain and terror. He wasContinue reading “I was raped a few years ago”

Thing, a short biography

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had an official name – the name on her birth certificate, a name for bureaucrats and people who didn’t know her well – and a true name. The true name was Thing. Thing was taught charts and graphs early on. She knew one’s beautiful years must beContinue reading “Thing, a short biography”

Dear Scott Adams, it’s mostly FEMALE lions who hunt. And so on.

So Scott Adams, the man behind Dilbert (oh the humanity!), showed his ass again. I read about it on Feministe. I’m not going to link to his original post – because screw it. Still, I’d like to address it. Because oddly enough, I do agree with Scott Adams on one important point – there certainlyContinue reading “Dear Scott Adams, it’s mostly FEMALE lions who hunt. And so on.”

So let me get this straight – you slept with this guy…

… And, as one of my friends just pointed out – “whoops, he wasn’t who you thought he was.” So the logical thing is, of course, to accuse him of rape. And then have him convicted. Of rape. By deception. What if he had lied about his salary? His level of education? What if heContinue reading “So let me get this straight – you slept with this guy…”