So let me get this straight – you slept with this guy…

… And, as one of my friends just pointed out – “whoops, he wasn’t who you thought he was.” So the logical thing is, of course, to accuse him of rape. And then have him convicted. Of rape. By deception. What if he had lied about his salary? His level of education? What if heContinue reading “So let me get this straight – you slept with this guy…”

Gaza Protests in Amman

Lots of protests about the latest flare-up in Gaza in town today. I’ve been advised to “steer clear,” but there was one going on in my neighbourhood, and it went alright. No craziness. Just some really angry and frustrated people. I don’t have any words on what to do about, well, any of this, really.Continue reading “Gaza Protests in Amman”