Racist violence in the center of Moscow

It was actually happening within walking distance from where I live, but I wisely stayed at home yesterday. The neighbour called, cautiously asking me if I was going to brave the spectacle in my condition. That’s a negative. And anyway, it’s not as if we need to see it happening. The pattern, by now, hasContinue reading “Racist violence in the center of Moscow”

They way journalism should always be*

Here we have Spain’s captain, Iker Casillas, kissing his reporter girlfriend. You know, when Spain was stunned by Switzerland, a bunch of fans tried to blame HER for the loss, because she was in South Africa, reporting on the World Cup, and apparently her feminine wiles “distracted” Casillas into letting Spain score, right right right.Continue reading “They way journalism should always be*”

“I’ll never be the same – if we ever meet again. Won’t let you get away – if we ever meet again.”

♥ Sigh. Now on to cheer for Spain in the final. (Well, I mean, I won’t be upset if Holland wins either, it will be one of those finals for me – a good time either way – but Iker Casillas is still my secret lover.)

“Secret lover” avatar

I have something to admit. I love the phrase “secret lover.” It’s so high school. It also comes in handy when expressing admiration, as in, “that Iker Casillas. What a career he’s had. He’s my secret lover.” Keeping that in mind, I realized, recently, that one of my favourite paintings completely and utterly captures thisContinue reading ““Secret lover” avatar”