Oh Dynamo! Ohhhh yes!!! More! More!

“Мой бело-синий флаг гордо реет над тобою….” Who’s in the Champions League group stage? Having gone up against rival Spartak, no less? Oh, that would be us, that’s right. Uh huh. Right here. Why am I never home to watch these things? That little bit of victory for me to savour, why must I alwaysContinue reading “Oh Dynamo! Ohhhh yes!!! More! More!”

Football: I am at the lowest point on earth

Quite literally. Watching Russia get their asses beat by Spain is somewhat more tolerable at the Dead Sea Kempinski, I have to say. The minibar is complimentary, I will have you know. There are also salts for the bath, and many pools, and even one semi-private one for yours truly to indulge in. And tomorrowContinue reading “Football: I am at the lowest point on earth”