Football: I am at the lowest point on earth

Quite literally. Watching Russia get their asses beat by Spain is somewhat more tolerable at the Dead Sea Kempinski, I have to say. The minibar is complimentary, I will have you know.

There are also salts for the bath, and many pools, and even one semi-private one for yours truly to indulge in.

And tomorrow I will slather myself with mud, and look out to where, beyond the hills, Jerusalem lies, and feel almost OK.

With thanks to the kind people who made this mini-break possible.

I love you all. Kiss kiss.

One thought on “Football: I am at the lowest point on earth

  1. Spain played an excellent game – we shall see if Germany manages to face them successfully on Sunday.

    The Dead Sea is a wonderful place to vacation! Apparently the minerals in the air are very conducive to relaxation; I have managed to take a winter vacation there several times and I love it. No fancy hotel for me; a kibbutz guesthouse in a fantastic botanical garden is a beautiful place to stay though, and I hope for continued (relative) peace so that I can go there again. Enjoy your days off!

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