The Longest

Whether it’s a quake in the voice, or a full-bodied, let-the-neighbors-pause-in-their-well-carved-out-daily-routines wail is not the point. The point is that either one works. The clusterfuck of orphaned cables, the streets stamped with ghosts — everywhere is a hostile environment, crackling, kinetic. Asking a device to forget another device, a brief feeling of jealousy at theContinue reading “The Longest”

In memory of Mikhail Ugarov

In the museum of our bones The keeper lights his nightly cigarette; His doctor says he must cut back And unlike us, he won’t mock fate. He leads a reverent life by day His mother’s bills are always paid His lawn and pubic hair are trim His children’s college funds undrained. His ex-wife can’t rememberContinue reading “In memory of Mikhail Ugarov”

NEW: poetry and essays archive

Dear friends, subscribers, and people who take offense at my Guns n’ Roses references, I wanted to point out that the new poetry and essays archive is now available on this site. It doesn’t contain all of my poetry and essays. Just the stuff that I like most. Yeah, yeah, it’s presumptuous to self-publish poetry.Continue reading “NEW: poetry and essays archive”