The Longest

Whether it’s a quake in the voice, or a full-bodied, let-the-neighbors-pause-in-their-well-carved-out-daily-routines wail is not the point. The point is that either one works. The clusterfuck of orphaned cables, the streets stamped with ghosts — everywhere is a hostile environment, crackling, kinetic. Asking a device to forget another device, a brief feeling of jealousy at theContinue reading “The Longest”

Tornado of Shrieking Demon Heads (The Calm the Fuck Down Song)

Calm the fuck down, bitch Calm the fuck down Get it together or get out of town Oh you crave a crisis Just to feel important You’re jerking off again To a tornado Of shrieking demon heads And other fucked-up shit Bitch, calm the fuck down Jump in a lake Sink to the bottom AndContinue reading “Tornado of Shrieking Demon Heads (The Calm the Fuck Down Song)”