I’m a Rape Survivor With #MeToo Fatigue: Here’s Why

I have a confession to make: I’m sick of #MeToo. Whenever I see the hashtag, I feel dread. I lived through rape, abuse, and torture, so this is, in one sense, a personal reaction — reminders of familiar traumas make me hurt. That’s on me. No one else is responsible for my mental health. ButContinue reading “I’m a Rape Survivor With #MeToo Fatigue: Here’s Why”

In memory of Mikhail Ugarov

In the museum of our bones The keeper lights his nightly cigarette; His doctor says he must cut back And unlike us, he won’t mock fate. He leads a reverent life by day His mother’s bills are always paid His lawn and pubic hair are trim His children’s college funds undrained. His ex-wife can’t rememberContinue reading “In memory of Mikhail Ugarov”

Life advice for when the mind is full of scorpions

When life has gotten strange, and it’s more than you can handle, the absolute worst thing you can do to yourself is go, “Well, of course. Of course this would happen. Because this always happens to ME.” This locks you deeper into the general awfulness. This *cements* the awful. And makes you more likely to subconsciouslyContinue reading “Life advice for when the mind is full of scorpions”

Good question alert: Can you be a “serious writer” while also just being yourself?

The daughter of a friend is taking a summer journalism course, and one of her assignments was to interview “a journalist with international experience” about their “career choices and future goals.” One of the questions she just sent me was so excellent that I am reprinting it, alongside my answer, below (with permission): Q: YourContinue reading “Good question alert: Can you be a “serious writer” while also just being yourself?”