“The End of the Affair”

Is a personal essay of mine that has just been published on the Common Ties Story Blog. The essay is a wee bit whiny (like most of my stuff). Nevertheless, I am proud of having been selected, and am honestly honoured to be included in such a fun, diverse group of writers, both aspiring andContinue reading ““The End of the Affair””

Progressive Russian Journalist

Murdered. I’m shocked and awed. Not really, no. Critically-minded writers are inevitable casualties in iron-fisted pseudo-democracies, with their corrupt politicians in ill-fitting designer suits and beggar senior citizens selling vintage cigarette packs to amused tourists, with their petty conflicts, murdered children, and always, always, the terrible hope that maybe tomorrow everything will finally go right.Continue reading “Progressive Russian Journalist”

Congratulations to Mr. Henry Baum

He of North of Sunset fame, author and blogger extraordinaire, is being picked up by a major, major agent. Let’s hope he does not forget us poor sods as he bathes in champagne, and let’s also hope that the major, major agent treats him well. Henry’s great, and he deserves this. It would be wonderfulContinue reading “Congratulations to Mr. Henry Baum”