Congratulations to Mr. Henry Baum

He of North of Sunset fame, author and blogger extraordinaire, is being picked up by a major, major agent.

Let’s hope he does not forget us poor sods as he bathes in champagne, and let’s also hope that the major, major agent treats him well. Henry’s great, and he deserves this. It would be wonderful if more people became acquainted with him and his work. I’ve been lucky enough to call him a blogger-buddy for some time now, and I have waited for this to happen for him. And it finally did. So that when I started reading the announcements on his blog, I wasn’t even surprised. It seemed perfectly natural that Henry would finally get the recognition he deserved. The entire thing has made me believe that the universe might have a tiny conscience after all.

May it all go well for Henry. Cheers.

6 thoughts on “Congratulations to Mr. Henry Baum

  1. Damn, thanks a lot, Natalia. Glad and proud to know you. I am sure you’re going to be a successful writer. I mean, your name is Natalia Antonova. That just sounds like a writer. Also, you can write. I like the new site.

  2. Natalia…you have got to give us the internet address for that tract you were talking about…the priest and rape.

  3. Well, it’s in Russian, but I was planning on posting a translation of the choice bits. Perhaps someone else already has. The name is Dmitrii Smirnov (it could also be spelled Dimitri, or Dmitriy, or any other number of creative ways), and he is a Russian Orthodox priest, Moscow Patriarchate. Perhaps his origins are in St. Petersburg, but they are all under the umbrella of Moscow at the end of the day.

  4. You know what I just realized? All the comments on Danny’s blog are from me and people in my family…the same with Patriarch’s blog. These guys can’t be too much of a threat…no one even reads them apparently!

  5. Yeah, I wouldn’t waste my time on them. There are worse sites out there though, sites that DO attract a lot of attentiona and positive feedback. Like that “Russian Women” blog on WordPress that I won’t link to.

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