Trying to be good

Today we signed on to become volunteers at the Animal Protection Society of Durham. I’ve been asked to man the front desk once a month, because that’s where you generally “see the worst of people”: folks who abandon their pets because they’re the wrong colour, and owners who tie their dog to a tree for the rest of their life, or use it in fights, or experiments.

I hope this new gig won’t make me hate the world or anything.

8 thoughts on “Trying to be good

  1. Oh… such a sad state, that of animals! Try not to hate the world, even if there are (lots of) scummy people in it, every good thing you do makes a difference.

  2. It’s depressing as hell most days. If you have a minute, go back and play with Lady and Katy (in the cats) – they’re pretty precious.

  3. Hey, I’m a friend of Henry Baum’s. How about a link to my blogsite, And I’ll return the favor.


    Randall Radic (Google me)

  4. Any friend of Henry’s is… well, you know how that one goes. So you sold out a church? Wow.

    I hope you want to link to this blog because you like it. I certainly like yours.

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