Another One Bites the Dust

Dieting to death is fashionable, of course. It almost makes sense, in a world where poor people are now the fat ones, having virtually no access to healthy food and being at the mercy of McDonald’s & Co.

Perhaps the fashion industry could canonize Ana Carolina Reston – make her a martyr for the “cause.” Tom Ford could style her dead, emaciated body with white geisha-like body make-up (something like his tasteless… er, I mean, ultra-stylish photo spread in “Vanity Fair,” for example). Karl Lagerfeld could stop fanning himself long enough to make a diamond-encrusted coffin lid for the occasion, and Calvin Klein could parade pubescent girls with white lilies and see-through veils at the wake.

There are many super-talented individuals (I count the Lagerfelds and the Kleins among them, obviously) who work in the fashion industry. There are people who are capable of elevating a basic handbag to the status of an art-form. But this glorious expanse of the imagination is tempered by economic barbarism and a baffling, visceral hatred for the human body. It’s a pity.

5 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. I was agreeing right up to the point you mentioned vanity fair. Personally, I think vanity fair is a horrible disease that needs to be eradicated.

    Random: have you seen Broken Flowers? Just watched it. Uproarious, as some pompous critic might say.

  2. I still read “Vanity Fair” with some regularity, but Tom Ford’s “hollywood” spread was so disgusting that I stopped reading it for a while. I used to not be able to take their images seriously, but that crossed a line with me.

    I didn’t really like “Broken Flowers” all that much, although Sharon Stone was awesome in it.

  3. And what about women who die from gluttonous obesity? I think it’s safe to say (statistical fact) there are FAARRRR more of those in the US than anorexics!

    Don’t believe me – take a stroll thru Walmart any given Sunday…lol.

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