The Great American Tradition

Stuff yourself and smile.

Just kidding.

I am going to follow Jill’s example and list, in no particular order, some things that I am grateful for. You can add your own, in the comments section.

  • A boyfriend that doesn’t dump me even after I lose my temper at him in the lunchline at Twinnie’s.

    Parents whose genes and rearing skills have resulted in the general fabulousness that is moi.

    An embarrassingly cute little brother.

    A fluffy puppy.

    Good bosses.

    Good office comrades.

    Friends who know how to cook a duck, among other things.

    Duck, in general. Roasted duck, in particular.



    Central heating., where I can download Eastern European music on the cheap.

    The Hairy-Legged Strawfeminist & Co.

    My small, yet still-satisfying paycheck.

    Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter.

    Borat Borat Borat.

    Body cream that smells like sugary food.

    The fact that I was given American citizenship this year.

    The fact that the rain has now stopped,

    But winter is just beginning.

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