On the work of Kate Atkinson

When I was fourteen, I bought a copy of “Human Croquet” after reading about it in a magazine for girls (unexpected choice by the editor, I’ve come to realize). I had the original receipt for a while and jotted down the exact time, down to the minute, and place where the book was purchased. IContinue reading “On the work of Kate Atkinson”

No, idiots, Belle Knox is not an “embarrassment” to Duke

Ever since the so-called “Duke porn star scandal” hit the headlines, random people have repeatedly asked me if I am “embarrassed” by it as a Duke alumna. The short answer is: “No.” The somewhat-longer answer is: “No, are you freaking kidding me/what the hell is wrong with you/are you for real?” Here are some things,Continue reading “No, idiots, Belle Knox is not an “embarrassment” to Duke”

Et tu, Duke Magazine?

They messaged me asking for my picture, I suggested they take one off my Facebook page. They used a picture of Russian actress Natalya Antonova instead. I mean, I get it, I’m the tired mother-of-a-toddler here, but still! I’m allowed to do cardio again! I’m taking iron supplements! *sob* Also, apparently I’m the deputy editor and the actingContinue reading “Et tu, Duke Magazine?”