On the Lacrosse Case. Once More. With Feeling.

I am a Duke alum. I am also, at this point in time, a Duke employee. My views do not reflect the opinions of anyone, other than myself (that’s in case someone wants to get me fired for saying what I am about to say). This isn’t meant as a personal attack on anyone, or anContinue reading “On the Lacrosse Case. Once More. With Feeling.”

Devil in the Details

I had this long conversation with Khaled in which he kept trying to convince me just to stop thinking about Duke Lacrosse until the trial starts, because so much of what we’re being treated to right now is convoluted crap. He’s right. Something that is important to acknowledge at this point has to do withContinue reading “Devil in the Details”

So… “Spouting Feminist Rhetoric While Carrying a Duke Diploma”

Fellow Duke feminists have reported verbal thrashings from the larger feminist community on the ongoing Duke Lacrosse debacle, confirming my suspicions that if you don’t toe the line, you’re hung out to dry faster than you can say “Pressler.” And that just ain’t right. Let’s put aside the team’s boorish behaviour, as well as theContinue reading “So… “Spouting Feminist Rhetoric While Carrying a Duke Diploma””