Intellectual Cyclists on a Rampage: A Horror Story

In the past month, I’ve experienced three near-collisions. Not because I was wasted (shut up, everyone), not because I was freshening up my mascara in the rearview mirror, and certainly not because I was receiving road-head, but because… and I’m going to take a few deep breaths here… Bicyclists. On. Campus. Think. They. Are. Bloody.Continue reading “Intellectual Cyclists on a Rampage: A Horror Story”

Things fall apart

*** I wanted to say something all morning since I saw this during breakfast (yes, I’m a dork), and am FINALLY on break!*** Certain things that were said to me in Amanda Marcotte’s (in)famous Duke lacrosse thread have floated up here. I ignored ginmar’s trolling – I ignored her every time she attacked me personally.Continue reading “Things fall apart”

Mommy Moderator’s Conveyor Belt

Y0u are a certifiable nutcase. Don’t comment on issues in regards to Duke U., when you really don’t have a clue. No one was raped. No one was assaulted. No one was kidnapped. The woman is an utter and complete liar. EOS. You’d think that if people are clever enough to the point of beingContinue reading “Mommy Moderator’s Conveyor Belt”