Monday Music: The Inaugural Edition, with Bombadil

A lot of the websites I read do a Friday Random Ten (see here for a brilliant example – good luck to Jill’s dad in his quest for Cool) as a musical exercise, but I find I need music  most on a Monday. Monday is the second day of the work-week in Jordan, and evenContinue reading “Monday Music: The Inaugural Edition, with Bombadil”

Bring Her Kasha and Caviar: A Horror Story With Illustrations

It’s no secret that even the most humble individuals occasionally get a rush of sweet, sugary satisfaction when they get the chance to feel superior to someone. I know you’re probably reading this and going “Nope. Not me.” at your computer monitor. Yes, YOU, pumpkin. And me. What happens, however, when the person you’re supposedContinue reading “Bring Her Kasha and Caviar: A Horror Story With Illustrations”

First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams

The thing about financial crises is that they destroy lives. If you think I’m exaggerating, look back at 1929. It wasn’t that long ago, especially when you think about it in terms of how young the United States of America is. When I was living in Durham, NC, having graduated, unable to find a reasonablyContinue reading “First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams”

Sick sad world

Ms. Mangum, who has a history of mental illness, is this week’s tabloid cover-girl. I’m willing to bet that she is also receiving death-threats that are usually associated with such high-profile cases. Having apologized to the three lacrosse players, Nifong now ought to apologize to her. P.S. Interesting (and coherent!) response to this week’s events.Continue reading “Sick sad world”