Bonfire of the Vanities… Burning Out

It’s been over a year, and a long and weird year it was, but today the lax charges were dropped in full. Hate-mail, as well as other expressions of “jubliance,” is still pouring in, mainly from outside the Duke community, or so I’m told. There are trolls still calling for Richard Brodhead’s, well, head. AndContinue reading “Bonfire of the Vanities… Burning Out”

Chipped nailpolish and all

My friend Shadee wrote a column for the Chronicle. The column provided yet another testament as to why the Chronicle message boards and discussion sections should be moderated. “Go back to Iran,” “Shia whore,” “bitch,” “traitorous snake,” – are some of the choice epithets the Chronicle team is basically allowing to be expressed on theirContinue reading “Chipped nailpolish and all”

Speaking of “elite institutions of higher learning”

Another day, another gem published in The Chronicle: Now, for the sake of context, please check out the column that the fine gentleman is referencing. Got all that? Now on to the gem: Jacqui Detwiler asks “why on earth” parents would not want their daughters spared from STDs (“‘H’ is for ‘Hussy,’” Feb. 28). TheContinue reading “Speaking of “elite institutions of higher learning””