It’s been a long January


And it shows no signs of abating. The pacifier has really got to go, but Lev has yet to accept that. A lot of things have got to go, actually. I’ve been waiting for spring cleaning season, but in my head, time has stopped. Spring cleaning season will come and go for other people. Maybe the human race was so enamored of the idea that the world is flat, because falling off the edge had some appeal. The fact that it’s round implies that it’s fairly inescapable. Also, my husband says this picture is from 1987. Proving, once again, that time has stopped, and we never noticed.

Check out Best of Russia 2012

I should just send a link to this annual photography contest every single time someone asks me, “So why live and work in Russia?” (And I’m not even a photographer)

Here’s my top five from among this year’s winners, incidentally:

“Forest” by Sergei Kosolapov, one of the winners in the Nature category. This was taken in Cheboksary (my husband worked there as an actor once):

best of russia sergei kosolapov

“Through the looking-glass” by Mikhail Grebenshchikov, taken in Moscow, during the ill-fated May 6 rally earlier this year:

best of russia mikhail grebenshchikov

“The police” by Dmitry Zakharov, a picture from a rally for fair elections earlier this year in Moscow:

best of russia dmitry zakharov

“The Milky Way” by Yulia Dmitriyeva, a photo of Elektrozavodskaya metro station in Moscow:

best of russia yulia dmitriyeva

“New way in” by Marina Dubeiko, taken in Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Krasnodar region:

best of russia marina dubeiko

These pictures are my own antidote to today’s horrors in the State Duma (voting to ban adoptions of Russian children by Americans, which is seen by them as an “adequate response” to banning officials allegedly involved in Sergei Magnitsky’s death from the U.S.).