A picture of Lev on a slide with daddy

It’s been a dark few days, personally and professionally. We did hold a wonderful debate at The Moscow News on the subject of Russia’s image abroad. You’d think this kind of event would be tense, especially in light of the recent deadly flash floods in the south of the country (and the relief for thatContinue reading “A picture of Lev on a slide with daddy”

Lev helped me report on today’s protest rally in downtown Moscow

The Left Front is too far… left to his taste. He did mention the need for rule of law, and expressed his disappointment with the fact that the Investigative Committee was actively denying the fact that lawyers were at first barred from entering the apartments of opposition figures as they were being searched yesterday. Finally,Continue reading “Lev helped me report on today’s protest rally in downtown Moscow”

Here’s a random, cute picture of Lev

Since I haven’t yet figured out how to tackle the interview I recently gave (not the Forbes one, let’s just say that this was for an ostensibly feminist publication for now), or what to make of it, really. Daddy bought Lev a wheel that lights up and makes music. When I’m not with the twoContinue reading “Here’s a random, cute picture of Lev”

What hath mommyhood wrought?

Nowadays, a modern person has to be careful about implying that there is anything “unique” about motherhood. After all, you don’t want to imply that someone who is not a mother, or else not a mother in the traditional sense, has somehow been deprived of a unique experience. The physiological aspects of traditional motherhood –Continue reading “What hath mommyhood wrought?”