My father’s greatest hits and misses

Dad was alone in Kyiv. Reported a fever. Said he put on a mask and made sure the neighbor has the spare keys, “In case I croak, my love” Me: “Dad, NO!” Dad: “You’re right. I don’t like your aunt much. Maybe the joy of discovering my body should be hers” *** Me: “Hey dad,Continue reading “My father’s greatest hits and misses”

The Longest

Whether it’s a quake in the voice, or a full-bodied, let-the-neighbors-pause-in-their-well-carved-out-daily-routines wail is not the point. The point is that either one works. The clusterfuck of orphaned cables, the streets stamped with ghosts — everywhere is a hostile environment, crackling, kinetic. Asking a device to forget another device, a brief feeling of jealousy at theContinue reading “The Longest”

I’m a Rape Survivor With #MeToo Fatigue: Here’s Why

I have a confession to make: I’m sick of #MeToo. Whenever I see the hashtag, I feel dread. I lived through rape, abuse, and torture, so this is, in one sense, a personal reaction — reminders of familiar traumas make me hurt. That’s on me. No one else is responsible for my mental health. ButContinue reading “I’m a Rape Survivor With #MeToo Fatigue: Here’s Why”

Matilda’s New Digs: An October Ghost Story

“Don’t be fooled by new houses. They sit on old ground.” Matilda had no idea who had dropped the note in her mailbox, and she didn’t care to find out. There was too much unpacking to be done. There were boxes for the upstairs, boxes for the downstairs, and boxes that were meant to goContinue reading “Matilda’s New Digs: An October Ghost Story”

In memory of Mikhail Ugarov

In the museum of our bones The keeper lights his nightly cigarette; His doctor says he must cut back And unlike us, he won’t mock fate. He leads a reverent life by day His mother’s bills are always paid His lawn and pubic hair are trim His children’s college funds undrained. His ex-wife can’t rememberContinue reading “In memory of Mikhail Ugarov”