Matilda’s New Digs: An October Ghost Story

“Don’t be fooled by new houses. They sit on old ground.” Matilda had no idea who had dropped the note in her mailbox, and she didn’t care to find out. There was too much unpacking to be done. There were boxes for the upstairs, boxes for the downstairs, and boxes that were meant to goContinue reading “Matilda’s New Digs: An October Ghost Story”

The Girl Who Went For a Ride: a tale of horror (maybe)

There once lived a girl who knew she was destined for great things, but great things were always taking too long to appear on her horizon. She bided her time with her husband, a street magician, and her best friend, whose main line of work was being an artist’s mistress. Greatness teased the girl, slylyContinue reading “The Girl Who Went For a Ride: a tale of horror (maybe)”

Monday Music: the “it’s really Tuesday here now, but I had to work late” edition

I had a really fun weekend, which means that Monday came around and cracked me over the skull with a lead pipe, and took all of my money. You know when you’re so tired that you can no longer sleep? That’s pretty much me at the moment. But hey, it’s for a good cause. DidContinue reading “Monday Music: the “it’s really Tuesday here now, but I had to work late” edition”

Jack Carter on Barack Obama

This is a really cool piece – by Jimmy Carter’s son, no less. Personally, I’m almost electioned-out, heh heh. Halloween should have been a break from all that, but it looks like we have no plans after all. Oh the joy, the JOY of having nothing to do and nowhere to go on one ofContinue reading “Jack Carter on Barack Obama”

I do my best Sarah Palin

This picture was taken way before Palin was ever picked as McCain’s running mate, back when my hair was darker too: I don’t think it’s very similar at all, but I’ve been using it on LJ, and two separate comments to the tune of “omigod is that, like, a Palin Halloween-themed userpic” have appeared. Hmmm.Continue reading “I do my best Sarah Palin”