The mortal sin of disliking Sarah Palin

I think that this LJ author said it best: Woman A: I don’t like Sarah Palin. Woman B: YOU DON’T LIKE WOMEN! Woman A: No, I don’t like Sarah Palin. I liked Hillary Clinton a whole lot, remember? Woman B: YOU DON’T LIKE WOMEN! Woman A: You’re being unreasonable. Woman B: YOU SAID WOMEN AREContinue reading “The mortal sin of disliking Sarah Palin”

I do my best Sarah Palin

This picture was taken way before Palin was ever picked as McCain’s running mate, back when my hair was darker too: I don’t think it’s very similar at all, but I’ve been using it on LJ, and two separate comments to the tune of “omigod is that, like, a Palin Halloween-themed userpic” have appeared. Hmmm.Continue reading “I do my best Sarah Palin”

Well, well, a reporter is attacked at a McCain-Palin rally in my very own North Carolina

At Elon, no less. For all I know, the asshole in question used to be my neighbour. The same sort who’d yell “go back to Russia!” after I resisted a boozy, grabby attempt at so-called flirting. Am I surprised that this happened in my state? Not really. But I am dismayed. North Carolina was andContinue reading “Well, well, a reporter is attacked at a McCain-Palin rally in my very own North Carolina”

Lipstick and Lynch Mobs

… Is my take on the ungodly mess that the McCain campaign is right now. I don’t really write about U.S. politics for GlobalComment anymore, but this evil BS in the form of “kill him!” (in reference to Obama) and “sit down, boy!” (in reference to a black press member) and how it has goneContinue reading “Lipstick and Lynch Mobs”

Paglia’s Crush, Palin; Paglia’s Ex, Feminism

Good ol’ Camille Paglia! That fearless contrarian, ready to make fellow liberals quake in their Birkenstocks at a moment’s notice! Well, maybe. I’ve yet to meet a single liberal who consistently takes Paglia seriously, but, you know, just because we’ve never seen the Loch Ness Monster doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Paglia trumpets herContinue reading “Paglia’s Crush, Palin; Paglia’s Ex, Feminism”