The mortal sin of disliking Sarah Palin

I think that this LJ author said it best:

Woman A: I don’t like Sarah Palin.
Woman A: No, I don’t like Sarah Palin. I liked Hillary Clinton a whole lot, remember?
Woman A: You’re being unreasonable.
Woman A: No, I said you were being…ah, fuck it.

5 thoughts on “The mortal sin of disliking Sarah Palin

  1. It’s funny, several Americans I spoke with thought that I dislike Sarah Palin because I’m jealous that we Arab women don’t get the same rights as American women (who can get nominated to such positions.) Can I repeat the claim? That I disliked her because I was purely “jealous” of her opportunities.

    Meanwhile, while Sarah Palin made “history” as an “almost” Vice President, Syria, an Arab country, had a female Vice President that apparently no one even knows about. I bet she too as an Arab lady is so jealous of Palin and her “opportunities.” And jealous also of how Palin has her replies prepared, like saying “I’ll get right back at chya” when asked to be “more specific” on practically every single question asked. Jealous also of being praised on the Bill (O’Rly) Factor. And having a make-up artist whose salary exceeds $22,000 a week.

    Frankly the only thing I am admittedly jealous of is her fantastic Alaska office, without all the dead animals inside. Once these poor corpses are purged, I want it. Mmmm. And its long windows. Too bad that the lady who keeps this gorgeous place occupied is the laughing stock of planet Earth.

  2. Funny you should mention that, because one of the nastier anonymous comments on this blog in recent weeks (a comment I deleted, because I can only take some much of “stupid bitch” rhetoric around here), told me that I too am “jealous” of Sarah Palin, particularly her marriage, because me being with a scary Arab man naturally means that I get beaten, like, 5 times a day.

    Yay for racism!

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