Speaking of trafficking and sex-work… Look what W is up to!

Some of the outgoing president’s decisions are disturbing to the extreme. Check this out:

…The administration also wants to deny funding to organizations that help victims of sex trafficking if they also advocate legalized consensual prostitution. These and others can be found on ProPublica.org’s list of midnight regulations.

Awesome. Once again, slavery and sex-work are being defined as exactly the same thing – an unproductive approach that’s going to make sure that an entire group of people is not going to get help it needs and deserves, because their concerns for having a safe working environment just don’t count.

Just like there are “good rape victims” and “bad rape victims” – there is now a “good trafficking victim” and a “bad trafficking victim.” The bad one was thinking that maybe she can still do sex-work, you know, on her own terms, without having some meat-headed pimp keeping her in a room with bars on the windows. But we can’t have that, can we? Gross, icky, disgusting! Save her from herself!

One thought on “Speaking of trafficking and sex-work… Look what W is up to!

  1. In Australia, we’ve had masses of evidence that peer-based organisations are best positioned to make contact with and help women who are forced into prostitution against their will. This policy will make it harder for existing sex workers engaging in outreach and activism… and that’s freakin’ madness!

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