I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland

Especially now that I need some cheering up.

Behold Robin Williams (the Glorious Version of Robin Williams, not the Version that makes soul-destroying schlock like “License to Wed”):

3 thoughts on “I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland

  1. The man has done so much crap in the last ten years I completely forgot he used to be funny… it’s also getting harder to remember how wonderful the guy was as an actor as well. “License to Wed” was a masterpiece compared to “RV”.

    I always felt he was treated like the “Funny Monkey” by Hollywood producers. Like they figure they can throw him into a movie and he’ll make it funny by Being Funny. Then he’ll pop up on a talk show to plug the movie and then they’ll expect him to be funny by Being Funny. But it has felt forced for so long. Like he knows what the expectations are and tries to live up to them… or down to them.

    It’s my understanding he’s been sober and clean for most of the past fifteen years so it seems to me a lot of his energy came from addiction but I’ve always used him as an example of BiOne when someone asks me what manic looks like.

    People over fifty don’t get a lot of opportunities for quality film projects, but I think he’s got one or two more chances to make something along the lines of “The World According To Garp”, “The Birdcage” or “Insomnia”. I hope he gets them.

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