4 thoughts on “Love For All

  1. The name of the vid made me think, sadly, of the stickers that were in Kiev metro carriages a couple of months ago from some organisation called ‘Love’ advocating against gay relationships. If you’ll be in Kiev soon, see if they’re still there (though I hope not…)

  2. I’m in town next week, actually. Are you around? Fancy a beer?

    As for those goddamn metro stickers, I tore one down the last time I saw one. Got me into a bit of trouble. Some guy even tried to follow me, shouting. I have no idea why the hell I got so brave all of a sudden, must’ve been something in the air (or the alcohol in my bloodstream, who knows).

  3. Good for you.

    Would love to meet – but I’m not there. I’m in London for the next few months. So if you’re ever in London…

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