The Mumbai Murderers

I’m not a fan of mosque-culture by a long shot (neither am I fan of church-culture, and I’m a Christian too, so go ahead and save your “OMIGOD INTOLERANCE” rants for another day, peoples), but I was somewhat encouraged by Friday prayers today.

We live fairly close to a mosque, and today in particular you could hear the local imam specifically talking about how what happened in India this week is a horrible atrocity.

It made me think about religion and how it simultaneously encourages the best and the absolute worst in most believers on this planet – how organic this mixture is to human nature.

4 thoughts on “The Mumbai Murderers

  1. O-M-G.


    Seriously, just yesterday I stumbled across a blog that said (or more specifically, the author wrote) that while these things happened no Muslims both within and outside of US, did nothing to condemn/stop the attacks.
    I posted a comment stating that there are many, many muslims who do condemn this and it goes for all religions and people of religion. Jerks and morons are found at both ends of the scale, in all societies, cultures and religions. You cant cut away the good side and only take in the bad side.

    So thanks for proving my point, it’s nice to know there are still some who see both sides of the coin 🙂



  2. 30% of those who were killed in Mumbai attacks were Muslims, according to news reports. These people aren’t fighting a religious war per se, they are trained serial killer with a deep rooted hatred for India and everybody in this country. I agree with the fact that as long as Pakistan’s anarchy like situation continues (nevermind Zardari’s Palin hugging tactics) we will never be entirely safe. The nucleus of terror is essentially the Pak-Afghanistan belt. Thats where the training camps are. The unfortunate part of us is that unlike, say the US, we are surrounded by at least 3 very hostile neighbors including Pakistan. So, the strategy to deal with this problem has to be very different.
    Bombay will bounce back. It always does. I am going to South Bombay (where this occured) upcoming weekend. How can we not return to those places we have loved for so long?
    As for these fake Jihadis (doubt if they really know what the word means), well, they can’t scare us that easily.

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