Nobody’s hopeless, everything is broken

I woke up today and immediately saw two bits of news: The Russian Patriarch gave Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia’s top propagandist, a church award. I was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church and, even though the church has always taken orders from the government in Russia (it was never the other way around, as many peopleContinue reading “Nobody’s hopeless, everything is broken”

A few words on harlotry, the marriage industrial complex and Steven Crowder

It has come to my attention recently that some guy named Steven Crowder got married – and, for some reason, used that as a chance to launch into a massive diatribe about sluts and harlots and what have you. It was picked up my Jezebel and much hilarity involving gifs ensued. My initial reaction toContinue reading “A few words on harlotry, the marriage industrial complex and Steven Crowder”

“Oh, you’re RELIGIOUS”

I think religion can be pretty ridiculous. That’s why I’m part of one, truth be told. I believe the existence of the universe points to the existence of a God – and said God has a sense of humour. Just look at babies. And dark matter. And the craziness associated with both. At the christeningContinue reading ““Oh, you’re RELIGIOUS””

So I read Janet Reitman’s “Inside Scientology” recently

And have been slow to put up anything up about it – mostly because I’m, you know, a mother to an infant, a full-time working journalist, and kind of a proper playwright nowadays as well. The book has stayed with me, though, and I feel compelled to say at least something, if not write aContinue reading “So I read Janet Reitman’s “Inside Scientology” recently”

Boobquake revisited

Reading this comment from Sarah on the subject, I am reminded of how the issues surrounding the pseudo-religious slut-shaming of women are not just issues that happen to “people over there.” Plenty of us experience directly, regardless of our personal religious beliefs, or lack thereof. I experienced it on a regular basis in Jordan, forContinue reading “Boobquake revisited”