Fragment from “The Child Dying”

…You are so great, and I so small:
I am nothing, you are all:
Being nothing, I can take this way.
Oh I need neither rise nor fall,
For when I do not move at all
I shall be out of all your day…

– Edwin Muir.

This is pretty much how I feel about my student debt at the moment. It’s really no wonder that people in this country are so certain in two things: death and taxes; Death, and taxes, and student debt – in my case. These are the greatest certainties that America has revealed to me. And all three of them feel the same.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

I hope I’m wrong.

These is something that is a helluva lot nobler about death.

4 thoughts on “Fragment from “The Child Dying”

  1. You are totally wrong babe. You have got to address this debt for what it is- not a big deal, don’t let it own you. I have given you the financial blueprint you need, it’s not going away, but neither is your mobile phone bill or car insurance, and you don’t wax philosophical about those….

    There is plenty noble about student debt. Fucking hell. you could’ve just graduated from high school, worked in a macdonald’s and not gotten higher education, which would have left a lot of extra time for you to write and wait for your big break. Yeah, that’s noble.

    The debt is a small price to pay for your experiences, your laughter, your tears, your boyfriend, and all the blessings and incredible experiences you drew from your time at Duke. These are the experiences that made you who you are, and who you are right now rocks. Get over the debt thing and focus on your novel. The debt isn’t gonig anywhere- and if you sit around and fret about it the novel won’t get anywhere either.

    Consider your ass kicked. get to work 🙂

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