Bei Bei Shuai: if you’re pregnant and suicidal, then you better damn well succeed at killing yourself!

Or so the state of Indiana thinks, apparently.

The logic is flawless, you guys. Of course, they’re not taking it far enough. Next up: charging babies with manslaughter if the mother dies in labour. Charging fathers with murder if the mother dies in labour. If a pregnant woman gets hit by a car and suffers miscarriage as the result – let’s set up a special commission to determine if she were jaywalking, so we can charge her with criminal negligence.

Can you think of better use of taxpayer money in the middle of an unemployment crisis? I sure can’t! I mean, why worry about things like Medicare for the elderly when state legislators can busy themselves with abusing the mentally ill and people suffering from temporary mental collapse?

6 thoughts on “Bei Bei Shuai: if you’re pregnant and suicidal, then you better damn well succeed at killing yourself!

  1. We need to invent a new word to describe what happens when wing-nuttery and douche-baggery collide…

  2. No, fathers will never be charged with anything. This is about women.

    It seems ridiculous and melodramatic to say that this all feels way too fucking Republic of Gilead, but…it does.

  3. It’s hard to blame you for being one of the millions of people who were duped by the media and this woman. She did try to kill her baby while it was a fetus. I wonder if you knew the inside facts like I did if you would still be so quick to take her side. Let me give you just a few very quick facts that may change your mind.

    1) She was cheating on her husband with this man because he is a legal US resident.
    2) Her bf left her in the middle of the pregnancy, not towards the end like the media implies. This was not a spur of the moment act.
    3) He offered to take the baby if she did not want it.
    4) She has repeatedly threatened the father with the life of the unborn baby as a means of revenge.
    5) Her suicide note states that she was killing herself AND the baby.

  4. So because you don’t approve of her personal relationships, this woman needs to go to jail? And the suicide note obviously means that she was completely out of her mind.

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