James Foley’s critics are the real cowards

And when I talk about his critics, I don’t just mean Charles C. Johnson (although, seriously, screw that guy). Since news of Foley’s beheading by ISIS first broke, I’ve seen enough depressing Facebook “debate” that basically argues that gee, isn’t it sad that this journalist was slaughtered – but couldn’t he have been a littleContinue reading “James Foley’s critics are the real cowards”

Dagestani terrorists and their live-in girlfriends

WARNING. Do NOT click on this link if you don’t want to be subjected to the sight of a dead woman’s body. The Russian press is referring to the woman in the picture as Sabina Musayeva – the “common law wife” of terrorist leader Soltan Sayid Soltanov. You don’t really see pictures like this inContinue reading “Dagestani terrorists and their live-in girlfriends”

Rest in peace, Anna

Playwright Anna Yablonskaya is among the dead at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport today. We heard it from her family. This photo of Anna was taken by my husband a few years ago – back when he wasn’t my husband. As you can see, Anna was very beautiful. She left behind her husband – and a littleContinue reading “Rest in peace, Anna”

Flags at half-mast in Moscow this week

Captured by shitty phone camera, but captured nonetheless. This one is over the Prosecutor General’s Office. I had quite a moment after taking this picture. I was walking with a friend and telling him a bunch of crap. “Life is so banal, I’m going to go drown myself in the Moscow River.” “But that wouldContinue reading “Flags at half-mast in Moscow this week”

The Mumbai Murderers

I’m not a fan of mosque-culture by a long shot (neither am I fan of church-culture, and I’m a Christian too, so go ahead and save your “OMIGOD INTOLERANCE” rants for another day, peoples), but I was somewhat encouraged by Friday prayers today. We live fairly close to a mosque, and today in particular youContinue reading “The Mumbai Murderers”