Damn straight we are the next “it” demographic

Even though I heard “Twilight” sucked.

I know you’re technically not supposed to be proud to be a fangirl, but I pretty much live the label, I’ve decided.  It’s important to know who you are, and to admit it. So the world can laugh at you. Or something.


5 thoughts on “Damn straight we are the next “it” demographic

  1. Darn it, me too. 🙂 I couldn’t wait then to get out that teen-angst stage, why dive in again 30 yrs later, I don’t know, bas hayk.

    They’ll discover we are a little hard to pin a label on, and that we won’t read anything just because they put a Victorian vampire in it.

  2. I am a total fangirl. down to the writing about comics for a living.

    I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight movie, and have listened to two audiobooks on the way to SC for thanksgiving. I plan on reading all the books and blogging the hell out of them soon. Including comparing them to my teenage vampire fiction and seeing on a blind test, which is better. 😉

  3. Let the Right One In is great. I liked it much better than Twilight–granted they have nothing in common except vampires. Twilight had good looking dreamy heartthrobs (who were, in fact, every bit as good looking and dreamy as advertised), but all the cliches had me cracking up.

    Really, nothing will ever trump Anne Rice and the World of Darkness RPGs. Ye olde schoole.

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