My theory of seamless love

“There’s making love, there’s sex, and then there’s fucking.” I forget who said that to me when I was young and impressionable, but it made sense at the time. Making love was what people in “The English Patient” did. It was very serious and probably set to violins. Sex was what people did when theyContinue reading “My theory of seamless love”

“Do Marines like cake?” “Does God have a butt?” Conversations with a five-year-old

“Mommy, you’re a hippo.” “I’m a what?! Why?!” “You’re a mommy hippo. Because I want to be a baby hippo.” “Oh.” “I’m a baby hippo, but I’m also Denzel.” “So like a baby hippo whose name is Denzel?” “No, sometimes I’m a baby hippo, other times I’m Denzel.” “OK.” “Mommy, you’re also a baby strawberry.”Continue reading ““Do Marines like cake?” “Does God have a butt?” Conversations with a five-year-old”

Nobody owes you love and explanations

I wrote this extremely personal post for Feministe this week – about what it’s like to deal with some of my husband’s more rabid fans. It’s not some huge problem most of the time – but there were a couple of episodes recently  that really got under my skin. In dealing with them, I realizedContinue reading “Nobody owes you love and explanations”