An observation through the general haze

Director Anastasia Patlay took this picture of us at a party celebrating ten years since the creation of Moscow’s Teatr.doc (which is a whole separate story, when you think about it – the role that this theater has played in both of our lives is just weird to contemplate. Weird, but awesome as well. It’sContinue reading “An observation through the general haze”

I’m a stereotypical yuppie parent

Despite being broke and living in the jungles of Novogireyevo. Lev and I listen to the Marriage of Figaro on Saturday mornings. At night, I can leave Lev with daddy and go trudging through the snow. The soldiers outside the barracks near the ponds still offer me their cigarettes. Nikolay Khomeriki still tells me allContinue reading “I’m a stereotypical yuppie parent”

When we was fab

Even after living for just a year and a half in a given city, certain places begin to accumulate memories. Good or bad, the memories are like barnacles – which is to say that they endure, remaining prominent in your mind until new ones calcify on top. “Now, the Moskvoretsky Bridge…” I said to my brother-in-lawContinue reading “When we was fab”