Reinforcing the “dumb bimbo” meme, one righteous feminist blog post at a time

…I have more power than a Playboy model in the real world, since my opinions are taken seriously.  All of us would never have this if we posed for Playboy, because as much as the men who make the rules coo and flatter Playboy models, they actually think you’re dumb bimbos and they don’t giveContinue reading “Reinforcing the “dumb bimbo” meme, one righteous feminist blog post at a time”

War against whores? Answer with heavy artillery!

Renegade drew my attention to this bit of sex worker news this morning. Like Ren, what I found particularly unnerving about the missive was its insistence that the phrase “sex worker” should be put in quotation marks, and the writers’ very obvious and apparent distaste for this line of work. Considering the fact that theContinue reading “War against whores? Answer with heavy artillery!”

Ridiculousness from Ukraine: possession of all porn is banned

The Ukrainian government has really outdone itself. Oh, and the best part? You can still possess porn if you use it for “medicinal purposes.” Vague much? As reports in an interview with Evgenii Zaharov, this new law is just more likely to give Ukraine’s notorious police force more room for abusing Ukrainian citizens. Ukraine’sContinue reading “Ridiculousness from Ukraine: possession of all porn is banned”

Mature, reasonable response to offended Sheila Jeffreys fans

Take THAT, graduate programs everywhere! See how viciously and unceremoniously I excluded Bloom from sisterhood with me? Now, of course, Bloom and I both agree on poststructuralism, but we run into a big, big problem when it comes to both J.K. Rowling & Doris Lessing, which is what the decision to keep him in theContinue reading “Mature, reasonable response to offended Sheila Jeffreys fans”