Hey Brits, check out this sex-work petition

Petition to: Defer any bill on prostitution until after the next general election.

If you don’t think the Swedish model is all it’s cracked out to be, and do not want it introduced in the UK, you better sign.

10 thoughts on “Hey Brits, check out this sex-work petition

  1. Yvette Doll said,

    January 12, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    I still think she has a soccer mom blog. it is so prissy.

    I was ( BTW) a consultant to the Soviet Union in relation to licensing of classical product. I was really good at copyright

    “The work on this blog is protected, and some of my best friends happen to be mean, saber-toothed IP lawyers. Just sayin’…”


    So whatever, and big yawn

    Yvette Doll

  2. I can only do them in squares, because I worked in a factory. :o))

    I can do irony, if you have some friends who don’t like hypocrites?

    Swedish national library in child porn scandal

    Sweden’s legacy of lax attitudes toward pornography has come back to haunt the country’s national library, which has been found to have large quantities of child pornography in its collection.

    A former porn shop employee has revealed that the library’s archives contain thousands of pornographic magazines, including several titles featuring young children.

  3. It is a zero-prostitution concept, they bundle their Baltic pimps to the UK

    and arrest the ‘demand’ element of the equation,

    whilst forgetting their child pornography laws need some work.

  4. Gregory – Natalia’s post is a link to a petition deferring any bill on prostitution until after the next general election. It is not about child pornography. Why is it you are derailing every thread about Jacqui Smith’s proposals? Seriously, I’m thinking I might give you your own post at mine cos I’ve pretty fed up with seeing you monopolise or try to monopolise people’s comment threads with this stuff.

  5. Christ Gregory- ENOUGH. Not EVERY THREAD out there about Jacqui Smith and the UK/Prostitution laws NEEDS to be hijacked and made into a thread about child porn by YOU. Why don’t you start your own blog, or participate on threads about child porn (they are out there) instead of derailing EVERY goddamn conversation about THIS topic with your off topic personal obsession with child pornography in the UK?

    It’s become terribly annoying.

  6. Hi! My name is Gregory Carlin! I enjoy telling women that they need to “listen more and talk less.” I am a total ass and am no longer welcome on this site.

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